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John Chambers, Founder of Fresh Ventures Advisory, has over 20 years experience in building innovative businesses that deliver revenue and profit growth. He has enjoyed an extensive career  leading Telstra's Mobile and Product Innovation businesses, leading and advising tech startups, and advising corporations. This has given him a unique perspective on the settings required to move from "innovation theatre" to a true growth pipeline. This stuff ain't easy, but with the right help it is achievable and affordable.

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Our service usually begins with a short Diagnostic to help identify your Innovation Thesis, which defines your growth ambition and guardrails.  We quickly assess your capability gaps and opportunities, establishing your maturity across the Fresh Ventures Growth System, understanding your current ability to generate sustainable,  innovation-led business growth. We then introduce proven tools, lean coaching and best-of-breed partners to build your capability, and deliver results  

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The Fresh Ventures approach will optimise the tangible results of your innovation system, reducing the cost and risk of delivery.  If you are just starting your innovation or growth function and have serious coin, you might want check out the big consulting firms - we will even help you select the right one at no cost. Please be sure they help to build your capability, not theirs. If however you are looking for lean support from the best practitioners to supercharge your growth, get in touch.

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